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Welcome to the Online Psychology Clinic

Online Therapy for Adults

Quem Sou

Hello!! You are very welcome!!
My name
and it's Ana Celeste PitiáPpsychologist(CRP06/129036)

I wish you a warm welcome!

I'm glad you decided to seek support and invest in yourself! This decision is not easy, but it is the first step towards building a lighter way of living!


I am a psychotherapist who aims to help people who, like you, need support to faceobstacles in individual life. I focus on psychological treatment for anxiety and depression. I have been building my clinical experience since 1996, gathering more than 30 thousand hours of service. And, here at the online psychology office, I dedicate myself to therapy for adults, committed to the Ethics and technical-scientific Quality of my profession as a Psychologist.


I have specializations in the field of Psychology, in Phenomenological-Existential Clinical Analysis and, in mental health and psychiatry, I completed a PhD at USP/SP.  In these areas, I specialized and developed research, for the applicability of unique therapeutic projects and expanded clinical practice, which I have been improving, through the validation of the results obtained in the services I provide. Some research results can be found in my book:"Therapeutic Monitoring: the construction of a clinical strategy."


People know me as thepsychologist who can understand the client, through delicately developed listening, in order to enter the world of the person in difficulty and thus be able to help them achieve quality of life, freedom and lightness.

I am the founder of Instituto Comviver and today I build, implement and validate it with my clients,Advanced Therapeutic Programs (PTA), appropriate for each case, as no two people are alike.

Therefore, I focus on every specific detail of your life, your challenges and obstacles that can be known and overcome, allowing you to live well and better in all areas of your life: from the health of your interpersonal relationships, as well as financial health in your your everyday life!!

Come talk to me,ensuring your registration in the Initial Therapeutic Session, an opportunity to get to know each other and, who knows, grow together.

I'm waiting for you, hug!

Dr. Ana Celeste Pitiá 


Photo by Dr. Ana
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