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About Psychotherapy: what is it?


Psychotherapy is a psychological treatment developed by psychologists that promotes a process of healing the emotional wound, which requires participation and investment - from both the patient and the professional.

In my psychotherapy sessions, I implement effective methods to encourage self-understanding in my clients, who will seek to adopt new attitudes and feelings in relation to their life and their personal project.

It is essential to keep in mind that psychotherapy is not a magic bullet or a quick fix. Basically, you will begin to make "small" changes in your behavior, becoming aware of how self-destructive you may be with yourself and begin new ways of dealing with feelings of sadness, fear and pain, which can bring results that change for the better. your quality of life.

Online psychotherapy

NOW You are about to discover and develop a psychotherapeutic process, based on a unique and individualized experience, in which you will learn to deal with your anxiety and symptoms of depression, achieving quality of life. Through my specialized methodology in Advanced Therapeutic Programs (PTA), I have helped countless people to live with freedom and emotional self-control, in the more than 30 thousand hours of clinical care I have provided.

I'm talking about something that can change your life, with confidence and emotional stability, that will make you look at life with different eyes, as you will learn to know yourself better and awaken to the psychological triggers that are blocking your personal development, preventing you from live freely and lightly!!


And this better way of living with yourself will provide happier moments close to those you love and want to spend time with, be it your family, friends, co-workers.

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